Established in 1980
"Ergonomic Vehicle and Trailer Wheel-O-Chock"

"Ergonomic Vehicle and Trailer Wheel-O-Chock"

Ergonomically designed to reduce back injuries when chocking or unchocking wheels.  Solid steel and Heavy duty.  Weight 35lb.  Dimensions 40" tall, Chock 8" x 12".  Rolling wheels- solid steel with sealed bearings

  • Made Tractor-Trailer Tuff
  • Meets OSHA Requirement
  • Adjustable for left or right hand trailer positions
  • Safety Engineered to Minimizes Trailer Creep
  • Safety Yellow Handle is Highly Visible from Truck Cab
  • Optional Chain Hook to Secure Chock to the Building and Reduce Theft

Made is St. Louis, Missouri - U.S.A.